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 Nothing is Impossible ~ 26/11/2007

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PostSubject: Nothing is Impossible ~ 26/11/2007   Sun Dec 02, 2007 9:58 pm

Well, today I proved that nothing in our life is not possible Wink . As long as you have the "will", you will got the "way"! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My shift today is 10:00 AM. I slept quite late yesterday "as usual" but I always able to wake up on time. But this time, may be I had a very nice and wonderful dream which caused me to wake up at 9:18 AM. I was shocked to the MAX(stunned for few minutes) Surprised . Brush my teeth less than one mins + shower less than one minutes + wear cloths less than one minute(just kidding....) and then ran to the taxi station. It was 9:29 AM! 30 MINUTES TO GO COMPANY??? OH MY GOD! Shocked Fortunately, a taxi coming. I went in the taxi and told the driver the destination. One more thing that surprised me was the taxi driver didn't even ask me again to confirm the location. He started to drive into the traffic. It was 9:31 AM!!! From the time I got into the taxi, I was watching every minutes and every seconds on my handphone clock and the taxi clock. I felt like I can listen to the ticking sound of the time in my head. It was 9:45 AM! I still trapped in the jam but I'm getting nearer and nearer to the destination. I felt very funny. The taxi driver didn't drive incredibly fast but just felt like the time went on very slowly. You know what was on my mind that time? I really wish I can stop the time like "HIRO" (actor in US Drama 'HEROES'). HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Laughing I M REALLY GOING MAD!!! Surprisingly, something happened. I think the taxi driver can read my mind. When we arrived at a junction(that was the turning point), normally the taxi driver will drive straight but he turned into another road(I was thinking to ask him to turn but I didn't open my mouth). Then I asked him to stop in front of the primary school(less than 1km from company), the time was 9:53 AM. I ran as fast as I could to the company.........."TIT!!!!!" Finally I logged in at 9:57 AM!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! SAFE!!!!!! I was too excited~HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! SO HAPPY!!!! Impossible Mission Accomplished!!!!!! cheers

Note:Normally I took almost one hour to go to company.....
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Nothing is Impossible ~ 26/11/2007
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