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 Being Cheated~ 10/10/2007

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PostSubject: Being Cheated~ 10/10/2007   Sun Dec 02, 2007 9:08 pm

(Kuala Lumpur - October 10, 2007)

Nearly 10 agents being cheated in a famous contact centre company in Kuala Lumpur. One of the manager has lost his mind. He used almost the same excuses to borrow money from the victims - HSBC ATM machine jammed. Most of the victims is his team members. This manager was the best soft skill agent on the floor. Nobody in the company believed that he has disappeared after "borrowed" money from other agents. The total money being "borrowed" is RM 20,200. The company only terminated him after the parents of the manager called the company and looked for his son. Until now, we still unable to trace him.

Reported by - one of the victim Crying or Very sad

Latest Updates:
The manager wrote an apologize email and sent to all of the victims, other assistant managers, operation managers, as well as the vice president. In the email, he claimed that he is very sorry for what he have done and he will responsible for it. He promised to return the money back to all of the victims at the end of this month.

Happy Updates! Surprised
Yippee!!! Today I just received the RM800 cheque from the guy!!! Even though it is just half of the amount, but it is better than Hopefully next month will get another half lo~ :mrgreen:

More Updates... bounce
Well, obviously he is not bad guy. He is trying hard to settle the money. We all forgived him and gave him another chance to correct his mistakes. Now he's trying to get a job and promised that he will pay the rest of the money. Hmm...wish him luck.
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Being Cheated~ 10/10/2007
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