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 Gustave The Giant Croc

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PostSubject: Gustave The Giant Croc   Tue Dec 04, 2007 2:26 am


Age: 65 (estimated)
Weight: 907 KG (1 ton/2000 pounds)
Length: 6 Meter (20 Feet)
Killed: 300 Victims
Location: Burundi, Africa

What is this creature???
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

He is believed to be the largest crocodile in Africa. He is rumored to have claimed as many as 300 victims from the banks of the Rusizi River and the northern shores of Lake Tanganyika. While this number is likely greatly exaggerated, Gustave has attained a near-mythical status and is greatly feared by people in the region. He developed a taste for human flesh by feeding on dead bodies thrown into the water by a local warlord. affraid

Based on his size, Gustave is estimated to be at least 65 years old. He was sighted most recently in April 2007. He is known for the scars that cover his body caused by bullets.

His huge size has allowed him to kill and eat an adult hippopotamus, a feat that would be impossible for smaller crocodiles. Since he is too big and heavy to catch smaller prey like small mammals and fish, he catches larger, heavier animals like wildebeast and zebra.

Who named Gustave???
From VRempire Lair

Patrice Faye, a French naturalist who live in Burundi is the one who is responsible to give the crocodile the name Gustave. He has studied Gustave for several years since 1998 and at one point, he regards Gustave as his 'friend'.

Is there any attempt to catch Gustave???
From VRempire Lair

In 2002, a massive cage, which is approximately 10 metres long and 2 metres wide, had been used to captured Gustave. But, the croc seems already know that the things is built to catch him. So, although they put delicious bait in it, the croc just look at it and avoid the trap. Pretty intelligent reptiles, huh? Must be smart if you have lived for 60 or 80 years. Smile

Celebrity Croc

Not only that. Gustave also "starred" in the movie 'Primeval' directed by Michael Katleman.

Unbelievable..... Surprised
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Gustave The Giant Croc
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