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 My Favorite Thai Ghost Movies

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PostSubject: My Favorite Thai Ghost Movies   Sun Dec 02, 2007 6:49 pm

I watched a lot of horror movies, especially the one from Thailand. The reason is the story line is fresh and scary enough. You won't be able to figure out the ending sometimes. I like to be shocked while watching the movies :mrgreen: makes me feel...alive. Well, I really want to recommend two of my favorite Thailand horror movies.

1) The Shutter (2004)

Movie Description:
It is about a photographer, Tun haunted by a ghost who seek for revenge on him. The ghost was his ex-girlfriend, Natre who committed suicide after few incidents happened on her. She was being raped by Tun's friends and Tun broke up with her after that. The story line of this movie is totally unpredictable. The best part is, can you ever imagine that a ghost sitting at your shoulder there? That is really scary..... more info about this movie

Personal Rating: affraid affraid affraid affraid affraid
Releases Date: September 9, 2004

2)The Unseeable (2006)

Movie Description:
The story describes the incredible journey of a young pregnant woman named Nualjin who's searching for her missing husband. She comes to stay in the spooky rural mansion of a widow, Runjuan. The overgrown property is managed by the stern caretaker Somchit and inhabited by a number of other people, including another young woman, Choy, who becomes Nualjin's friend. Same for this movie, the story line really surprised me because most of the people in the movie is not human. more info about this movie

Personal Rating: affraid affraid affraid affraid
Releases Date: November 2, 2006
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My Favorite Thai Ghost Movies
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