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 USQ Friends in Malaysia

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PostSubject: USQ Friends in Malaysia   Sun Dec 02, 2007 12:29 pm

Last August, I've been to the Malacca with some friends. Most of them studied in USQ before. Basically, they are all my seniors. I met some of them....hmmm...only 3 of them I think. They are Ah Bong, Meichien, and Joyce. Below are some of the group photos taken during the trip. Errr....ok it was all taken on the last day of the trip.... Razz

Since everybody is wearing the same clothes...I mean for all the 3 photos. Easy for me to introduce. Ehem...

The pretty one with the pink shirt is Meichien. She is single and available. Come from KL Damansara. Currently working in Singapore. Veronica's best friend. Who is veronica? Alex Chung's girlfriend. Who is Alex Chung....find out yourself.

The quite and shy one with orange shirt is HeyWan. Her name is special. She is from KL as well. Close friend of Joyce. Currently working as programmer in KL. Friend of AhRa.

The sporty looks one with white shirt is Joyce. She is from Sabah. Neighbour to Sarawak Laughing Currently working at KL as well. Friend of AhRa.

The curly hair with bright and wide smile is Kar Yee. She is from West...not kl. errr forgot where. Currently working at Bangi Selangor. Smile a lot really...that is good Wink

The curly and dyed hair with black shirt is Lee Kwan. She is from JB if I'm not mistaken. Girlfriend of Pei Siong. Currently working in Singapore. Friendly girl.

The curly, dyed, wear spec, wide and big smile who is wearing white with an umbrella is Ah Bong. She is from Miri, Sarawak. Currently working in KL. Unpredictable girl...hahaha

Ok, here comes the guys. Cool
It kinda hard to introduce bcos 3 of them is wearing black and one of them is blue. Let start with the blue one.

The tall, skinny, blur face guy is Charlie. He is from Kuching Sarawak. I met him when I was studying at Informatics Kuching. Currently he is working at Kuching.

Another tall guy, wearing FILA T-shirt(luckily I can see the logo) is Pei Siong. Boyfriend of Lee Kwan. He is from JB. Currently working in Singapore.

The shorter, chubby guy wearing Hard-Rock T-Shirt is Henry. He is from West, forgot where. Previously working at KL. Currently working in Singapore.

The shortest, chubby but not the fattest, also not the weakest one is Robert. He is from Miri, Sarawak. Not neighbour of Ah Bong. LOL. That is ME!!!!

Ok, done my brief introduction. Here I want to say, NICE TO MEET YOU GUYS!!! Smile
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USQ Friends in Malaysia
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